Restructuring the Family

By Dana Greco,LCSW and Don Desroches When people get divorced there are often strong emotional feelings from the ending of their relationship. There are various reasons for this and it is extremely important for each of them to get past those feelings, forgive the other person and move on. They need to do this to […]

Domestic Violence

By Dana Greco,LCSW and Don Desroches David L. Fontes, Psy.D, in the article titled,”Men Don’t Tell” gives insight into several reasons. He writes: “When a man is a victim of his wife’s physical abuse he is both shamed by the assaults of his wife and shamed by society for not ‘controlling’ her better. Today, men […]

3 styles of parenting.

By Dana Greco,LCSW and Don Desroches Generally, there are three types parenting that we tend to exhibit with our kids. Depending on our own family of origin we have either taken on the style of our own parents or swung the other way. Much of what we see as parents today is a pendulum swing […]

Becoming more Independent

By Dana Greco,LCSW Recent statistics state that divorced women with children are four times more likely than married women to have an income that is under the poverty line. A single mom is nine times more likely than a married woman to have an income that is less than half the official poverty line. Although […]

the Mind of an Abuser

Well, it’s not like it was a surprise that the Cruise-Holmes union is finally over. The real question is, what took her so long? Although I don’t live with them and share their private moments not that I would want to , but as a divorce mediator and family counselor I cringe whenever I see […]