Parental Alienation

The premiere of the show aired live on Sept 10th with Dana and Don, certified mediators and Family psychotherapist, and began with a topic that has everyone talking within the legal and family community. Parental Alienation Syndrome, also known as PAS, has detrimental effects on children and the alienated parent. Guests joined Dana and Don to talk candidly about their own personal struggles and pain from alienation. New Beginnings  explored both sides of this cancer, that if left untreated, becomes terminal. They addressed current judicial thinking, bringing awareness, educating and identifying symptoms to help you to a New Beginning. Hear more healing perspectives and guidance.

Listen to the radio show by clicking the link.  In the upper right hand corner, click pause and then scroll down and play the recording.

Linda Gottlieb’s web site with Resources to help those dealing with Parental Alienation

Linda Gottlieb’s book – “The Parental Alienation Syndrome”