What to do when Couple’s Counseling still keeps you Wondering about Divorce?

Do you and your spouse want to save your marriage, but it is clearly at the breaking point? You have tried couple’s counseling and even though both of you now understand the what, why and how your conflicts erupt yet the arguing, the hurt feelings, the disappointment remains. Arguing means there is reason to get back to equal. One feels the other is not meeting their need or hearing their complaint to the point of resolution. Reconciliation counseling is for the committed couple who for whatever personal or family reason you do not want to divorce.
This type of counseling bypasses the emotional couple or individual counseling and focuses on the concrete tasks including tangible goals and measurable objectives.
It puts the emotional components of the marital relationship on hold.
To qualify, the couple would need to commit fully, we have you sign a contract that you will give 100% EFFORT for at least six months, this is not a financial contract, much of this work is done outside the sessions.
There are weekly or bi-weekly sessions initially, for  assignments and feedback. For example, both of you will write a letter to each other expressing your positions, if it’s anger, disappointment, contempt, pouring your heart into it, feeling every emotion, then without sharing it, you take a match to it, burn it and be done. This has been very successful for some individuals. It has been described as cathartic and freeing. The understanding that these grudges, hurts, and such are no longer weighing down the relationship. The rule is to let go, release it’s power over the relationship and you and your spouse never bringing it back up. Imagine that?  Reconciliation counseling provides a safe and supportive environment with a licensed professional who will work at your pace and manage productive assignments tailored to your specific needs. If you are not sure of where the marriage is heading, and couple’s counseling has been exhausted leaving you both ambivalent then the next step is Reconciliation, this will be the most important step you have ever taken since you promised to love, honor and cherish, aren’t you and your family worth it?
Dana Greco LCSW
Couple’s Therapist

Updated: April 17, 2013 — 1:37 pm