Why Would You Need a Pre-nup??

Have you considered asking your fiancé to sign a pre-nup? Many unforeseen events or life changes can occur during a marriage and both of you should be protected. If there are children in the future, wouldn’t you want them to be protected? Of course. How would you ask? How does something get a response? Is it only about money? Not always, it’s about protecting each other for the “just in case”. What if a lifestyle change came to be in the relationship and it meant that your now, husband wanted to move away from the town you have both raised your children in, Or the profession he married into has not turned out to be the one he was passionate about. All this is part of the marriage of course, however, when unforeseen conflicts get in the way they can destroy the trust in the marriage. One of the main causes of divorce is betrayal, this does not mean only infidelity, but the occurrence of what you were once told and led to believe in your relationship is now no longer true.  Marriage is a commitment but it doesn’t mean each of you grow and develop individually. When this happens later in the relationship and a premarital agreement has been discussed and signed it will hold each accountable to the promises you made. When you see it in writing it bears a lot more weight than what was promised up at the altar in the excitement of ceremony

Updated: May 30, 2015 — 1:13 pm