Foreword Review of Conscious Coupling – 5 out of 5 hearts

We are very excited to receive a great Foreword Review of Conscious Coupling in the summer edition of their magazine.
BOOK REVIEW by Foreword
Conscious Coupling: The Book 


Reviewed by Pallas Gates McCorquodale
The daunting task of choosing just the right volume to address specific and often personal and intimate issues that arise in committed adult relationships just got a whole lot simpler. Enter Don Desroches and Dana Greco, divorce mediators, cofounders of the Mediation and Family Counseling Group, cohosts of the radio show New Beginnings, and coauthors ofConscious Coupling, written “for anyone who wants to be in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.” In a sea of like-minded books,Conscious Coupling is unique in its perspective, emphasis on awareness, and introduction to “root cause analysis,” which focuses on understanding the real problems instead of merely reacting to symptoms.

Over a dozen topics are addressed, from sex, money, and arguing to the more subtle shades of self-esteem and compatibility. Each topic is then broken down into two chapters-Greco first, and then Desroches, both with an individual yet harmonious style and voice. The book is bolstered by their years of experience and genuine concern for every couple’s success, whether just starting out, considering marriage, or already committed and searching for improvement. The final chapter, a questionnaire, provides insightful starting points for discussion between partners or for self-reflection and assessment.

With wisdom and practical tips for everyone, Conscious Coupling recognizes that “even though marriages may end, families are forever,” and forever is plenty of time to get it right.



Updated: June 17, 2015 — 10:53 am