Are you on the path to divorce or break-up

Are you on the path to break-up or divorce?  How would you know?
We get asked this question all the time, so what is one of the signs you are on the path to break-up or divorce.
One of the signs you are on this path to break-up or divorce is when you do not feel as connected to your partner.  Maybe something happened that caused this feeling or maybe you were expecting something to happen and it didn’t happen.  This caused you to feel less love between you and your partner.
Maybe a birthday or anniversary was missed, maybe you had an argument and things were said in that argument.  Maybe past mistakes were brought up.  There are a whole host of things that could happen that would put you into this bad place.
It is important to immediately recognize this feeling when it happens and don’t ignore it.  If you ignore it and don’t work to improve it, you are sure to stay on that path.  It will be an unresolved issue that will just get worse and worse.  We have found that on average people are on that path for 6 years before deciding to divorce.  Short term marriages will be less time because a true bond has not even been created yet.
Have you had that feeling of disconnect and if yes, what did you do to get back on track?
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Updated: June 16, 2015 — 11:16 pm