Unconditional Acceptance: Do you and your partner have it?

unconditional acceptanceWhat does unconditional acceptance mean?  Is it must-have in a relationship?  Do you have it with your partner and does your partner have it with you?

Listen, we all make mistakes in our lives, some minor and some huge.  We also behave in our day to day lives based on our programming and belief system.  What happens when you meet someone who’s belief system goes against yours or they did something that you really can’t understand why?

Is it important at this point to accept them as who they are?  If you can’t accept them or what they did, is it time to move on?

Do you fully accept the past, fully accept all the warts and fully accept the previous behavior of your partner?

Please ensure you are always acting in a Conscious way and Conscious Coupling.

Updated: June 13, 2015 — 12:56 pm